It has been a chaotic week here in South Carolina.

Merciless Matthew ripped through the Lowcountry causing devastation and chaos.  Thankfully, though, our property only sustained minor damage.   There were a few trees down in our backyard and we lost our floating dock. Overall, we were incredibly lucky.  There were some folks who lost everything!

The most horrific news that Matthew produced came when it set its sights on Haiti. Oh, man. The death toll just keeps on rising.  I feel for all of those families and all of the people who lost loved ones.

I’d like to give a special shoutout to The Weather Channel. Their nonstop, amazing coverage of this storm really made me proud. Michael Lowry , Brian Norcross and all of the meteorologists stationed in the field  provided unparalleled expert analysis of the situation and probably saved thousands of lives.

Furthermore, The Weather Channel live-streamed their coverage on their website and across all OTT platforms.  They used LocalNow–a new app invented for this very purpose– to give people up to the minute coverage.  My hat’s off to the team behind LocalNow and all those who aided in the compelling and life-saving coverage.

Oh, and if anyone sees a floating dock in the ocean–give me a call? 🙂